Sunday, June 15, 2008

Introduction blog

Alright, I am caving. I have kind of a prejudice against blogs. It seems a lot like a digital scrap book, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it makes me want to scratch out my own eyes. But then I had a startling "A HA! Moment" (that is Oprah’s shtick, and it also makes me want to scratch out my own eyes, but then I could still hear her say it constantly and then what will I do, scratch my ears? That doesn’t sound remotely threatening). By not creating my own precious blog, my friends, nay, the world is being deprived of enjoying my thought process. This is a tragedy that I cannot allow to happen. How will my second cousin be able to continue with her day if she doesn’t know my favorite ice cream, or the fact that I work out to classic rock because techno gives me migraines?
Once this horrifying picture formed in my mind I became obsessed. My views on life, and more importantly, food, must be presented for public consumption. Who knows, I may end world hunger.
So, without further ado...DUN DUN DA DA!! Amy’s Blog.


Russell Adams said...

You little blogger you! Way to go.

wonderwendy said...

you little freak. i don't care what kind of icecream you like.

wonderwendy said...

let me introduce my self i am a mother of two. i like icecream hear me roar

Kirkrocks said...

I, for one, am rapt in the daily occurrences of Amy Hanosek. I was nearly ready to start a petition to get her to share her life with the WorldWideWeb.

Personally, I don't keep a blog, or a journal, or any written record of what I do in a day. Why? Deniability. It's hard to tell the Midvale City Police that you didn't set fire to your neighbor's eyesore shrubberies that he refused to remove if I get online and write a witty story about it. But Amy is an angel and the world could benefit by the examples (literal and metaphoric) she gives us through her life experiences.

Thank you Amy. It was too long coming...