Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Serenity now!

Quick! I just got the grouchy younger girls down for naps and I only have 20 minutes before the cyclone comes home from school! Hurry up and relax, Amy!..No, You're tense still...enjoy your break even more!! come on now, focus... Yeah, that's how it is in my world. I normally would zonk out on the couch and watch something mindless like Chopped and make fun of everyone's hair, but I have the heater guy hooking up the heating stuff in the basement and he might judge me. We are this close to having my dad's little suite done down there. The thought of that makes me dance for joy, in my heart, not in body because I am relaxing right now, dang it! I have had construction guys traipsing in and out of here for 2 months now and I am ready to lock the door and throw things at anyone with a tool belt. Here's what was stopping me before: they were doing all the work for me. So hey, when you get right down to it they are my little buddies...very expensive little buddies. But alas, heater-man is the last one, when he leaves this afternoon it is all up to me and my drill. I kind of know how to use my drill, I have named it Pete. Pete and I have a date tonight to hang curtain rods and perhaps a shelf or two in the kitchenette. I sure hope Pete is up for it because I frankly have no idea what I'm doing. Charlie does, but he wants to do other stuff, like work...gosh. (I love you dear, but your priorities are a hot mess). So yeah, home improvement projects, hmm. Not a good time to be had there. But I assume I will be happy when it is done. Honestly if it wasn't a choice between finishing the basement and having my poor youngest child living in my closet until her 12th birthday I would never have embarked on this adventure. Too much, you know...effort...and decision making. (Oooo, heater-man just came up the stairs, which caused me to bolt to the living room to intercept him in case he was all done and wanted a check or to ask where the bathroom was or something, but he was just going to his car for some more heartery-type things. Now that I am thinking about it, only one of the 20 or so constuction guys we've had here have asked to use the I'm going to be up all night figuring out the implications of that, great.)