Saturday, December 19, 2009

Writer's block?

So, many of you have mentioned my novel that I was once writing. I was doing this when Mia was a baby and I was stuck at the house most of the day while she slept, which is a magical and really boring time of motherhood. I got about 50 pages written of a delightful murder mystery that I never really thought I would try to get it published or anything, it was just for my own amusement. After that point, however, Mia grew into the "hey, what's up with you ignoring me? aren't you suppose to be interacting and doing mom type stuff?" phase. So the book got put on the back burner and mostly forgotten about. I tried to find it a couple of years later, when she started to go preschool and I had a few minutes to myself every day, but it was gone, I couldn't even remember if I had written it on my current laptop or the previous one. So sad.

Here's the kicker though. I thought maybe I would just start over again, because i had a really good, intricate plot all thought out with lots of twists and surprises and many fabulous and amusing characters....but I can't remember how it ends. I've been wracking my brain for weeks and weeks and I have no idea who did it and why.

As frustrating as this is, I think it points to a bigger problem. What other incredibly brilliant things have I forgotten? Who knows, I may have cured cancer and solved world hunger on a lunch break a few years ago and just forgot to write it down. I've always embraced my absentmindedness and tried to convince those around me that it was a charming quirk that just made me more lovable. But no, it is a serious character flaw that will probably lead to my demise, and maybe even the destruction of the world someday. Man, try walking around with that burden on your shoulders. Being me isn't for the faint of heart.

I've tried to correct this problem by buying various PDA's and calendar systems, but the catch is that you have to remember to use them. I once got this awesome day planner from the UVU bookstore, that had lots of Mormon and Utah themed jokes and quotes that cracked me up and kept me awake while I was in my really boring physiology class, but I never remembered to write anything down, other than the family birthdays and stuff that I really didn't need reminders of. And it isn't even that I forget everything. I can remember completely trivial and useless details to a fault. I am a genius while playing Trivial Pursuit and if you ever need to know any details about the career of Danny Kaye or the use of Jello throughout history, I am a handy person to have around. But for actual, useful information that is relevent to anyone's life, you may want to ask that Mom-mannequin that I wrote about in the previous blog.


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I think it would be cool it the culprit was an accident- like everyone is under suspicion and it ends up that the guy was just really clumsy.