Wednesday, December 16, 2009

stylin' mom

Alright, so I am not one to buy into all the latest trends, by you have to actually be paying attention to stuff, which I don't normally do in order to be trendy so, whatever. But with all this new "mom gear" you are suppose to have I have been doing a little research and have come to the conclusion that people are dumb.

This is not a new conclusion, I will admit. But come on, do people really need all this stuff? I mean honestly, has anyone ever been in desperate need of a diaper stacker? This is my second kid (a little girl, named Eliza, for those who were wondering) and I have yet to actually use one of these. There are a bunch of other things, like bedside bottle warmers and wipe warmers which seem like a good idea, except that you actually have to be in a state of mind to remember to use these things, which doesn't happen when you have a baby screaming at you at 3 a.m. so, those are also off my wish list.

Ooo, here is one thing that I love though. The Moby Wrap ( I tried to insert a link to it right here, but I am still a technological idiot and it didn't work. Sorry)
Granted, I had to look it up on youtube and watch a bunch of instructional videos to figure out how to put the dang thing on, but as I do have a baby that insists on being held all day, and a job that requires the use of both hands, not to mention the need to brush my teeth once in a while, it's pretty darn useful. Now if only someone would invent some sort of shield so that when I eat while "wearing" my baby I wouldn't drip and get crumbs all over the poor kid. Or, maybe someone would invent some sort of mannequin (except not creepy) version of a mom so that the mannequin could wear the baby and the baby would never know, and I could just take a nap. Hey, maybe it could even somehow trick older kids, like Mia, into thinking that I was playing with her at the same time so I could take a real nap, not the kind where she comes in every 10 minutes to explain to me that she is bored and the TV does not count as a playmate. Hmm...yes, inventors of the world need to get right on that idea. I'll be here waiting.


bonnie jack said...

i like you.

Happy-Hardings said...

love it when you blog!

Pat said...

Oh, heaven forbid!!!
I bet they are both going to grow up to be just like you!!! :>)

Just remember that your children need lots of Diet Coke to grow up properly!

Merry Christmas!