Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Better than Neil

yeah yeah yeah, lots of time has gone by, lay off man, I don't need this hassle.

Here's what's going on lately. We all had the swine flu. It was fun. I (of course) just assumed that it was pregnancy + a cold of death. And then Mia got it so we went to the doctor after a week of her not getting better. (No, I am not a neglectful parent, I was just trying to not be one of those obnoxious parents that panics at every little cough, gosh.) Anyway, in the end the doctor decided that what started out as swine flu for both of us had just evolved into a harmless sinus infection. So we were appeased with antibiotics and sent home to wallow in self pity.

Then we got home, and guess what!! Charlie was passed out on the couch looking like a corpse and moaning (so I knew he wasn't dead). Since I knew that he was suppose to be at some workshop on how to teach tesselations to ESL kindergarteners (or some other such random skill set) for at least another 4 hours I had a hunch that he did not feel well. So I banished him to the spare bedroom and started Lysoling everything that would hold still. I was only slightly upset by this, firstly because I knew Mia and I were just fine, and secondly, we were scheduled to speak in sacrament meeting in just two days (WOOHOO!!! the bishop had no argument when I called to tell him we were quarantined. Totally worth the trade off.) It's been a little awkward since though, I know that the neighbors around here that have heard that we have the plague are afraid of us, but since we are all fine now it's been pretty boring to just hang around the house. I even went out with Mia on the slip n slide yesterday because I didn't dare invite any of the other kids over in case their parents shunned us. But seriously, people of Spanish Fork we are just fine with no plague any more. Thank you for your concern.

Now, here is what I actually wanted to discuss with you all. I love Nathan Fillion. And I am not ashamed, even though he is technically Canadian. I first discovered this love back on Firefly, but I recently rewatched (or listened too mostly because I am a multitasker) Dr. Horrible's Commentary: the Musical! Yes, it is a rather obscure art piece...but totally worth tracking down for one song. "Better Than Neil". It is a heartwrenching tune that delves into the unusual rivalry between Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris (or NPH as his friends in a hurry like to call him). I'm not sure why this makes me giggle uncontrollably and sashay around my kitchen, but it does. Listen to it, you will thank me.

That is it for now. I'm off soon to Idaho!!!! for fourth of July...No I am not sure why either. Hopefully I'll figure it out on the way.


Christy Marshall said...

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. So glad that you didn't come to my house for lunch a couple of weeks ago. :)

bonnie jack said...

i didn't know it was you guys that were supposed to speak in church on sunday, but i was glad i sat in the back so the bishop didn't call on me to be the impromptu speaker. :)

glad you're feeling better.