Thursday, May 28, 2009

At this very moment I am questioning my judgement in writing a post right now. I'm a little...not myself, due to lack of sleep, and nourishment, and the fact that I just watched the movie "Honey" on VH1 out of sheer boredom which I believe has cost me at least ten IQ points. So, who knows what I might type? (Oh, speaking of typing, I just hooked up my new fancy ergonomic keyboard all by myself and it actually works! I accomplished a feat of technology without adult supervision!!! I will do a dance of superiority later when I am able to move without severe vomiting.)

So, I just got back from another "vacation". This time the soccer extravaganza was in Cedar City. So, yeah, that was just great. And I thought I would be all kinds of excited to come back to my own cozy home and be amongst my own stuff that didn't include those hideous bedspreads they always have in motels to hide whatever bodily fluid stains they are hiding. Yet, as I walked into my own, cherished home a thought struck me....the maid didn't come to my house magically while I was gone. Stupid fictional maid. The dishes that I was just too in a hurry to wash the day we were leaving were still sitting in the sink and various other little chores that I had blocked out in my four days of soccer games in the Southern Utah rain (that would be a good name for a rock band) were still waiting patiently to be done by your truly. So, instead of being the cheerful little camper I usually am after riding all day in a car with a really hot but sweaty and rain soaked referee who had just yammered on about the subtleties of corner kicks for four hours, I was a little bit...deflated. I went to my room and shut the door and started singing Disney songs to myself (because that is always what i figured I would do in the midst of a mental breakdown, it was very soothing). Apparently my eerie singing and lack of verbal response was a warning to my family to leave me alone because I didn't hear the hesitant little knock at my door until a good 15 minutes later (15 minutes is an eternity to Mia). She slowly poked her head through the doorway and said "Mom, are you ok? I think it's my bedtime and I can't read my books myself" Such a cute little thing when she is nagging.

So, I put my nevous breakdown aside to enjoy later and started a batch of laundry on the way to Mia's room to put her to bed. I must of still looked a little deranged because when I was done she asked for her dad to come check on her because she was scared...but when I asked of what she just looked at me and said "Uh, get dad please". So I did, and then I started cleaning the kitchen and went to bed without another word to anyone,

Today I feel much better, and no one seems to be afraid of me, at least not in my home, some of the neighbors have always been a little nervous around me and I don't see that changing anytime soon. And that is my homecoming story. Thanks for listening to my rant.

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Hey you didn't do a post about me. What gives?