Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nothin but blue skies...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel we are on the cusp of Spring, finally. Here I sit with a diet coke in hand (thanks for the validation Pat!!!) (actually it is not literally in my hand, have you ever tried to type with a beverage in hand? Honestly, you people will believe anything.) where was I...Oh yes, so here I am on a sunny Saturday afternoon with a bit of quiet free time thinking about how I really shouldn't get my hopes up for warmer weather because it is bound to snow at least once more and crush my fledgling spirits. Stupid winter. If you were a person I would stomp on your neck. ( I get a little violent after being couped up for a few months.)

So, a few days ago (on my birthday, woohoo) I went to a darling little restaurant called Gloria's Little Italy in Provo. It was delightful. I'm a huge fan of eating things that I personally didn't have to cook, so I'm pretty easy to please as far as restaurants go. But I really liked this place, it was yummy. Until desert. (I need to take a moment and breathe deeply because of the bitter disappointment crushing my lungs) Ok, Gloria's has an overwhelmingly large desert selection. So much that they can't carry little plastic molds of the deserts on a tray to show you, instead you can meander (I say meander because if you walk briskly in a trattoria people assume something is wrong and might panic and choke on their lasagna, and I don't want to be responsible for that) over to and stare in amazement at the glorious little delicacies displayed behind the glass case so as to prevent any drool contamination. Now, everyone has their own happy place, and I am starting to think mine is a bakery, where you can just gaze upon the pretty pink frosted baked goods and let the sprinkles sooth your troubled soul. I stood in front of the case and just let the wave of happiness sweep me away for what could have been hours, I don't know. I went to the restaurant with the intention of ordering gelato for dessert, because I have been told by many sources that it was amazing. But when juxtapose cannolies and chocolate cake and eclairs and layers and layers of filo dough, it just didn't seem adequate. So I ordered some chocolate encased chocolate cake with chocolate dipped strawberries lovingly placed on top. It looked so good I almost cried at the site of it. Then I took a bite. It wasn't bad, it was just....meh. A huge let down. I ate it anyway, because it was there and it was so pretty, but next time I really am going to order gelato. I will not be seduced by the smell of powdered sugar and buttery flaky layers that you can just melt through with a laser like focus. I will be strong.

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Christy Marshall said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't like the dessert. I haven't had that particular cake but I've really liked some other things. What did you order for your dinner? Did you like it?