Sunday, February 1, 2009

The month of love

Happy February everyone! February will always be known in my mind and the month of freezing cold disappointment. Let me first clarify that statement by stating that this is in no way my husbands fault, he makes a herculean effort every year to make Valentines day special. It's just that Valentines day sucks no matter what. There is too much pressure on one little mid-February day. (February has too many r's in it.)

In my youth I always made it a point to not be in a relationship on Valentines day, because that was just too much to plan and execute, and you know, care. There's no way you could meet expectations of a grand sweeping romantic gesture that your partner is sure to have. Especially for guys, poor little fellas. And when I began dating Charlie, I made a point of letting him know that I really wasn't a fan of flowers, because they cost lots and then they just die, and not to buy me a heart shaped box of chocolates because that was just way too cliche and I am too cool for cliches.

So, really it's my own fault that the flower delivery guy never knocks on my door. Now that I have a little more experience in my relationship with my husband I know that he will never magically understand that while my logical, non-emotional mind I think flowers are a huge waste, in my I'm-a-girl-and-want-you-to-buy-me-pretty-things-anyway state of mind I really want to be showered with lame over-sold gifts. He's a guy, and therefore doesn't know anything, unless I tell him in direct, monosyllabic words. But, this won't happen, because I am a woman. I never tell anyone what I actually want, but I reserve the right to be ticked off if I don't get it. That's what makes us so intriguing, and none too scary.


bonnie jack said...

ya. i don't care much for valentine's day. i don't even like my husband to take me out to eat that day, because EVERYONE is out eating.

Happy-Hardings said...

valentines day is fun if you are in preschool-3rd grade.